What are Altogame?

Altogame are strategic development tools / learning games. They are multiplayer games for learning agile ways of working and creative problem solving through Human-to-Human (H2H) social drama. They follow the LeanLearningLoop® -principle – how to win win in every situation! For the time being Altogame consist of two games Lateral Gallery and Agile Avenue. You can also play them separately.

Please, watch introduction and tutorial videos in Altogame web site. If you need more information, please contact us.

What do I learn?

With Altogame you will learn a wide set of new skills that are required from people in organizations in a fast changing environment. These skills include e.g. new agile ways of working starting from co-creating a shared vision and how implement it together. You will also learn innovative thinking, coaching skills and how to make your team shine.

Altogame will help you in innovating new disruptive products and services. These multipurpose games are tailored for specific learning targets where you can define the goal yourself. You’re only limited to your imagination!

What are the benefits?

As a whole, improved ROI and overall performance. The aim is continuous agile top performance where new and innovative products and services are delivered fast and reliably in the market.
Simultaneously, you can save time and money – and have fun!

What does the term “lateral” mean?

For us the term: “lateral” means two things. First, “lateral” stands for creative thinking. You can find new solutions and disruptive innovations by using lateral thinking. Second, “lateral” means players collaborating on equal terms via their characters. No personal or organizational hierarchy exists in Lateral Gallery.

How can I buy a user license?

Please choose “Login/Purchase” and purchase using online options or contact us (sales@altogame.com).

How do I form a team or join a team?

Organizations name administrator when they buy licenses for these games. The minimum number of players in a gameplay is 4. Please, contact your administrator. You can also contact us, if needed. We try to help you.

How long will one game last?

Typically 45 minutes – 1 hour – although, your team leader or coach may define the length of the game each time you play.

What does social drama mean in Altogame? How does Altogame differ from other e-learning solutions?

Altogame utilize state of the art learning methods and improvisation theater techniques. You are assigned a role. With the assigned character you can play and create an enjoyable gaming experience, quite unlike anything else. Role-playing is also an excellent example of social storytelling. In AltoGame the storyline is created by the players through their dialogue and it is unique each time.
Altogame are NOT like most e-learning or serious games solutions. Usually, e-learning solutions on any digital platform focus more on the end result of the game (completing the questionnaires, getting the experience points or profiles, executing predefined team exercise models etc.). We don’t use prewritten storylines and traditional game techniques. Altogame create a new generation of serious games.

And most importantly, with Altogame you play real life (business) questions and challenges.

Will somebody know what character I am playing?

No (if you don’t deliberately reveal it). You can freely express your ideas through your character without revealing who is behind it. This is one of the key benefits of Altogame compared to traditional class room exercises or role-plays. The same principle applies also for the debriefing –session.

What, if I really like the piece of art in the Lateral Gallery?

You can buy it. Please contact us (gallery@altogame.com). We’ll help you.

What is the gaming technology used?

Altogame utilize Dramagame game technology (www.dramagame.com)

How do you know that Altogame really work?

The learning concept is scientifically proven and it is tested for almost fifteen years in face-to-face trainings with excellent results. The original concept is developed for and used by world class professional musicians. Please, check www.doria.fi/handle/10024/42161 for further information.