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Gamified collaboration and simulations

Altogame is a game changer – it breaks down barriers and enables to go beyond the obvious together. Altogame embraces diversity and inclusion – the one of main sources of creativity and innovation

Altogame is a massive multiplayer platform enabling new type of applied games and simulations. With it’s cost-effective, online platform you can generate new ideas and solutions or practise complex human interactions fast and efficiently.

Altogame’s unique feature set offers a non hierarchical, level playing field encouraging creativity and trying out new ideas and behaviors. The benefits can be transformative.

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Lateral Gallery, innovation and collaboration in action

Altogame offering of virtual solutions and services

Altogame facilitated workshops

The aim is to help participants to reach a new level in creative problem solving, innovation and collaboration.

Altogame may be used as a creative module of a wider workshop arrangement. The target is to unleash participants’ creative potential and/or engage a wider group of stakeholders.

Participants produce novel and innovative ideas to their real life challenges, and learn new work skills.

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Altogame 3D multiplayer game based solutions

Try our very different remote environment. Make sure remote collaboration is effective and productive

Ensure better results by harnessing everybody´s brainpower – Embracing diversity, inclusion and accessibility by removing traditional barriers with Altogame virtual tools

Altogame´s virtual 3D platform transforms the way people innovate, collaborate and learn. It breaks down barriers, fades out hierarchy and bias providing a level playing field for collaboration, innovation and learning.

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Training and executive coaching

We offer several face-to-face -programs to create a culture of innovation and change. These include theme workshops and Innovation agent -program. Please contact us or check here

Our executive coaching methods are derived from Eija Mäkirintala’s scientific research on how to integrate continuous top performance and well-being with a creative touch. Our goal is to help people to unleash their true potential.

Our approach is based on systems thinking. We have been coaching more than 20 years agile and lean self-leadership, the key element of top performing teams and organisations.

We offer training and coaching in Finnish and English.

Altogame - Behavioral design based on science

Female character in Altogame

Altogame is different

Altogame behavioral concept draws on PhD Eija Mäkirintala ́s scientific research, systemic behavioral theories and the unique coaching method she has developed. The overall goal is to provide an experience enabling participants to go beyond the obvious together. Altogame creates a level playing field free of organisational barriers, hierarchies, biases and other limiting factors. And it engages people, no boring repetitive post-it-note -workshops any more.

Male character in Altogame

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Graham Welch (Professor, Chair of Music Education, University College London, Institute of Education) states ‘I like the novelty of the design in that it allows participants to (a) be anonymous and (b) be able to interact as part of the group. This provides a potentially safe space to explore ideas and also relationships. Having a focus on a piece of modern (accessible) art, I.e., something external to the participant individual, is also a great positive as this supports a process of discussion and analysis that should be less emotive than in a normal workplace setting.’

Andy Salmon (Pro Vice Chancellor, Cambridge) states ’Our collaboration with Altogame is really fruitful. Their innovative approach does several essential things. First and foremost it asks the key questions in the most active and stimulating ways. Secondly it engages the self as the primary creative unit; this appeals directly to arts, humanities and creative technologists. Lastly, I think the international perspective, particularly the Finnish one, is of real value.’

Mika Niemelä, CEO, Mediware: ‘My team, the same team, after using Altogame for just 45 minutes, was able to generate more ideas than in a whole year.’