About Altogame

Benefits – what do you achieve:

  • Come up with groundbreaking solutions and ideas
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improve efficiency and workforce mobility
  • Train people efficiently – Start behavioral change
  • Be forerunner – Increase your brand value
  • Engage stakeholders and exploit the existing brainpower
  • Save time and money

VP, Research: “We discussed our strategy face to face first and then with Altogame. The discussion was completely different resulting in new ideas and new insights in some old issues. We could immediately feed results into our strategy process”.

Our Altogame scenarios:

Better outputs by harnessing everybody´s brainpower – Embracing diversity, inclusion and accessibility by removing normal barriers with Altogame virtual tools

Altogame´s virtual 3D platform transforms the way people innovate, collaborate and learn. It breaks down barriers, fades out hierarchy and bias providing a level playing field for innovation and learning. AG saves time and money and reduced the need for travelling – it can engage unlimited number participants in different locations.

Altogame´s current offering includes scenarios for brainstorming and for boosting agile transformations, extending to tailored multiplayer training simulations (e.g. in healthcare or customer service). Altogame´s unique set of features is enabled by the in-house competencies in modern game technology and science based behavioural design.

Lateral Gallery for innovation and creative problem solving:

Improve your efficiency. Engage people in meaningful and productive workshops and meetings. Minimize wasteful meetings and workshops.

Possible use cases:

  • Develop and communicate a shared vision (team, product, R&D target, …). Make different interpretations visible and acquire everybody’s value based proposals.
  • Arrange group coaching sessions. Arrange e.g. a weekly group brainstorming sessions.
  • Energise your meetings. Read Excel or Power point documents beforehand and brainstorm key issues.
Lateral Gallery, innovation and collaboration in action
Healthcare: Care home simulation

Simulations for the health care:

Improve operational safety and efficacy, enhance customer/patient experience, increase workforce mobility, and employee engagement and satisfaction by using Altogame.

Practise safely complex real life situations requiring real-time human-to-human interaction: unanticipated events in an operating theatre, difficult conversations with patients, e.g. around dementia, end of life care. Create a shared culture of “bed side manner 2.0” for an entire care home or hospital district staff permitting a better mobility of the workforce.

Mental health applications have also been tested – feedback from a team of young patients: ‘Idea 10, implementation 9’.

Train your people efficiently. Save time and money and break down barriers without taking people out of their daily work.

Lateral Gallery for research and stakeholder engagement

Altogame is a very effective tool to engage stakeholders or to carry out research in a novel and exciting way. Use cases may be for example:

  • Engage a broad international group. There is no limit in maximum number of participants nor their location. Instead of time consuming thinking who may be represent particular stakeholder groups why not to invite everybody who is willing to participate?
  • Develop your hackathons etc. events by engaging participants and other stakeholders to define the most valuable question(s) for hackathon event. 
  • Replace a traditional survey. Reinvent e.g.: customer focus group survey, job satisfaction survey, community or other stakeholder feedback discussions.
Agile simulation modern meeting room
Customer service skill simulation tool

Simulations for leadership, customer service and similar applications:

There are plenty of other opportunities to develop an immersive environment to practise complex real life situations without real life consequences. This may include role play without traditional social pressures. Use case examples are:

  • Leadership simulations – improve teamwork or practise coaching skills.
  • Customer service – learn new service skills and learn to look at the service from customer’s point of view.
  • Job etc. interviews – prepare for difficult interviews by practising all roles.

The importance of Arts

Art stimulation is a powerful catalyst for creativity.

Visual art stimulates imagination, helps you think differently and go beyond the obvious together with the team. Art helps to break out of the cycle of experience-dependent categorisation and think outside of the box.

This leads to lateral thinking – Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. The term was coined in 1967 by Edward de Bono.


About us

We specialise in developing immersive, serious / applied games and simulations for organisations and offering innovation training and coaching. Our vision is to change the way people innovate, collaborate and learn together. We enable them to ‘go beyond the obvious’ together.

Our approach is rooted in Eija Mäkirintala’s research work and her career as international violist. We utilize our long experience of training and coaching agile and lean ways of working as well as creative top-performance & well-being.

Eija Mäkirintala’s doctoral thesis (Behavioural sciences) can be found here

More information for the Finnish speaking readers can be found at:

• Eija Mäkirintala’s coaching book: “Luova ote huippusuoritukseen – resonanssi   ratkaisee”, publisher Talentum.

• Eija Mäkirintala’s report on integrating arts and business.